My current recipe collection is now transferred from my other blog to this one. This Recipe Page is as updated as it is going to get…..for now. chef2.gif

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  1. appliejuice says:

    Nice!! Love the header picture. 🙂

  2. fourhisglory says:

    Such a beautiful picture.

  3. gingerporter says:

    Yes…You just crack the cardamon and throw it into the pot….Mrs Khan would throw the pod and the seed in then strain it out when making the tea……

    I have found more Scandinavian recipes that use cardamon. Interesting that the vikings found it and brought it back….I need to go find the link I was at….but there is a spice place that you can get the whole cardamon inexpensively….It was $16-18 for a pound bag…and You can get it shelled or unshelled.

  4. gingerporter says:

    Here is the link….so far that is the best for buying it whole that I have found….of course if you were back here in Fairfax you would have no problem getting it a little cheaper.

    I’m going to price it at the Halal…If I can get a better price than what is offered I will let you know….I can mail you some….

  5. Sheri says:

    Thanks for the link Ginger–they also have juniper berries! I hope you find a good price at the Halal. Something I miss about NoVa is that you can find almost everything there. I never did find a good Turkish restaurant that served doener kebap. And I certainly haven’t found one here! 😆

  6. celticmuse says:

    very cool!! love your house, but it must have cost a fortune, i know it would here in NE Oh.

  7. Chrystal says:

    Mom. You had to mention doener kebap huh? I would fly back to Germany just to have one. The closest thing I have found is a Gyro from Greek restaurants. Not quite the same, but their not bad. It’s the difference in breads I think. I’m not sure if i’ll ever come across a doener in America. =(

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