Rebekah….as Mom

Jan 21 2007, 10:15 PM
The story of Rebekah starts with a young, energetic woman, eager to follow God’s call and ends w/ a woman that tells her husband, “I am weary of this life”. The Bible stops mentioning her prayfulness and instead describes her elaborate but completely unnecessary plan of manipulation & deception. She already knew God’s plan for Jacob, yet she felt the need to take matters in her own hands.

Did her faith in God waiver? I believe so.
Did her faith in her husband waiver? Obviously and understandably so.
Did she feel hopeless in her circumstances? Perhaps.
Would I have done any better? No, probably worse.
Did God’s promise to Abraham prevail despite her weaknesses and mistakes? Absolutely!

This was a difficult lesson for me to prepare. I know that we learn from examples and mentors in our lives….the good ones and the bad ones. Here is a woman that was both….not unlike ourselves.

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