Little Treasures

Learning to knit and crochet has been…hmmmm, I can’t say exciting, but it is very satisfying. There is nothing magical or dramatic or surreal about the art, but there is something about sitting quietly and doing what women have done for centuries….watching a string of yarn take shape & even take on a beauty despite it’s many flaws in my hands.
I have a dozen or so little bits of knitted and crocheted pieces. They serve no purpose or use other than practicing the different stitches and techniques and just playing with yarn.
My youngest has collected my every little attempt and he has warned me not to throw them away. These are little treasures to him. He is fascinated with the working of the needle and has sat with me trying to learn to crochet. As of now, he is content with making a single chain. They are the most fundamental of stitches, but he has a purpose for each of these chains. They tie up his scrolls & maps he has made this week as part of their Revolutionary War re-enactments (which are all a part of the much larger and grander “Our Story”). I treasure the moments sitting with him as he works so hard to make one stitch. My husband treasures seeing us work side by side.
The outcome of each piece or the purpose of each piece matters little. It is the doing & the sharing & the giving that is the true treasure.

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