Revolutionary War Game by the boys

Topics: Battle of Lexington Green 1775, Paul Revere’s Ride, Revolutionary War weapons

The boys made their own game today, since we didn’t have a premade game to suit their purposes. The game pieces were British toy soldiers and Continental Army toy soldiers previously purchased at the Mount Vernon Gift Shop in VA.
The different colored spaces require different actions. There are 2 piles of cards in the center: an Event card pile and Question card pile. They came up with their own questions and events.

A sampling of question cards:

  • Did the British come by land or sea?
  • Who was the British commanding general?
  • Who warned the villagers that the British army was coming?
  • Who were the Hessians?
  • A sampling of Event cards:

  • Supply wagon arrives early. Take an extra turn.
  • It is raining heavily. Set up camp & lose a turn.
  • They did a wonderful job and were ‘entertained’ for hours. The gameboard

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