Home Movies

Hubby recently spent some time transferring our home movies onto an ethernet disk thingy. So, we also spent some time viewing our past. I watched my children grow up in a matter of hours! And somehow that is how it feels. Where have my babies gone? Their baby voices are the sweetest music…..the way they say Daw-di. Their diapered bodies darting here and there…..working hard to pull themselves upon the couch.

We left the camcorder running Christmas morning of ’01 while DH & I left the living room to make some adjustments to his camera. Oldest son soon followed. There is my little man (2 1/2 yr) sitting on the floor playing with his new Thomas trains. I commented “What does he do when in a room all alone”. Within a second or two, he indeed noticed he was alone.
Up he jumped, running into the next room, hollaring “Hey guys, come back. Coooome Back!”
Big brother says, “No!”
Little brother gets a bit emotional and says “You guys wost me!”
That was my little man….never one to let his Mama out of sight! I know home movies are best when they are yours, but we were practically rolling on the floor. And to think that I had long forgotten this and I got to see it from a completely different point of view. This is what priceless really means.

I love modern gadgets, I really do! But, I sure miss those little guys.

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