“Excuse me, ma’am…

Nov 15 2006, 10:43 PM
…but this is where my family sits.”

My precious, sweet, polite, well-intentioned, ten year old son’s words to a visitor in our church this past Sunday.

I must say God’s plans always amaze me. Even the most simple of human interactions glorify Him.

After I realized what had been said, I approached this lady, who had so nicely slide to the center of the pew. I apologized for his bluntness and lack of discretion and we had a nice conversation. She (Mrs. J) was gracious and not put out in the least.

Pastor was well into his sermon, and I honestly don’t remember the exact topic of the moment, when he mentioned how regular church folks become attached to their favorite seat and joked about having their names carved into the pew.

Well, if Mrs. J and I didn’t give each other a side ways glance and have a good chuckle!

I pray she becomes more than just a visitor.

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