Singing in Church

I have decided that my boys need to sing in church…for special music. Being homeschooled, we don’t (currently) have any other opportunities for them to sing with a group or in front of folks. What better way than to sing for God! When I talk w/the older ladies in the choir, so many of them say things like, I’ve been singing in front of the church since I was 6.

My oldest (10) and I will sing “At the Right Time” by Mosie Lister. We practiced w/one of the pianists last night so he could see how it is when someone much better than Mama is playing the piano. He did well, so I hope after one more practice session, we’ll be ready.

My youngest (8) will sing “Amazing Grace”. There is something so incredibly precious about a child singing “saved a wretch like me” and “how precious did that grace appear the hour I first believed”!!
He has most of the 4 verses memorized already. He does sing one word wrong though: “through many dangers, TROLLS, and snares….” wub.gif

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