The LegoCity

Jul 22 2006, 01:08 AM
Some days are just best left to free but creative indoor play….like these life-draining, hot Tennessee summer days.

Youngest son is ‘the builder’. Legos, blocks, k’nex, dixie cups…..doesn’t matter….he will create something out of anything. His current project is a mall made from legos. I believe he has built a skyscraper, a museum, a restaurant (McD’s), an amusement park, and now we have a mall. His mall consists of:
a sittting place
an employee room
a makeup counter for women
the checkout area
a restaurant (McD’s again)
a toy store
and the most glorious Tractor Supply Company store you can ever imagine!
I love this little peek into a 7 year old boy’s mind. resize-assistant-2legocity.jpg

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