July 4th 2006

What a fun filled day w/just the four of us and the grandparents.

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen today, but it was a joy. Pulled out my patriotic tableware and just had fun with it. Hubby mowed the lawn after the dew dried and has begun to teach oldest son the how-tos. Then they spent the next hour raking and the boys nary uttered a complaint. It was hot & muggy this afternoon, too! Then another hour of mini-bike riding spent. These mini-bikes are funny….at least 30 years old, Mystery Machine green, and sound more like a sputtering lawn mower than a mini-bike…but they sure have had fun since we dug them out of “Grandpa’s junk.”

We grilled some brats & burgers and had the usual fixin’s. What is it about Jell-o cheesecakes that makes them so irresistible? I haven’t made one in probably 10 years and just picked up a box in the grocery store this week. I don’t know what possessed me, but there is barely a sliver left.

Finally, we head over to the ILs for a swim.

And then showtime! Hubby had some pretty big ones stashed away….the ones that go “whoompf”. Youngest son ran around the driveway shouting “look at me everyone, I’m doing a sparkler for my first time and I’m not scared!” He wanted to share this milestone, I guess! He thanked Daddy for his best 4th of July ever!

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