First Piano Lesson

Jun 22 2006, 10:56 PM
My oldest son (10) had his first piano lesson today. I don’t know why I feel so proud of him, but I do. I remember my first lessons with each teacher (I had 3 different ones over time). I’ve taught him the very basics using Pianimals. He is not a true beginner, but almost since he doesn’t read notes yet. He breezed thru this first lesson.

This boy is so unlike me….I was nervous and so unsure of myself, even after years of practicing. He seems so calm and isn’t afraid to try. His teacher told him that the first lesson was the most boring lesson and that the lessons would be much better as they went along. He replied, “thats OK, I don’t mind boring things.” As my son played thru his lesson, I sat there & wondered if I should ‘spice up’ our homeschool a little bit.

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