Snapshot 6/1/06

Time: 10:15 pm
Place: our homeschool room

The days events have included the usual lessons, laundry, and meals.
DH worked the garden today and we were blessed w/a light rain late this afternoon.
Our evening pastime: oldest DS’s 2-hour baseball game.

I’m here at the computer desk in my nightie.
DH in his ‘evening attire’ is within 5′ of me on the couch reading Ann Coulter’s How to Talk to A Liberal (if you must).
Oldest DS occupies the far end of the couch reading a Star Wars book for young adults Jedi Under Seige
Youngest DS has just built about a 3′ tower of plastic coins and we are discussing his “steady hands”. Since I’ve been blogging this little snapshot, he has put away his tower and crawled between Daddy and his big brother.

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