Oh, Sunny Day

The joy of a sunny day in the middle of dreary January….what a gift! sun_21.gifIt was a long sleeve & blue jean wearing beautiful kind of day. No coats, no hats, no umbrellas and no textbooks!

We walked to the haybarn on the other side of the hayfield to fetch a small bale for the dog houses and took a short safari w/the boys and their dogs. We also cleaned out a trashy heap left behind our detached garage by the previous occupants and hauled such to the dump. Then we hitched the trailer to the mower and rode back to the old farm area and picked up a big watering tank that we spied on safari. DH & sons want to make a catfish ‘pond’. Attach a 55 gallon drum filled w/gravel as a filter and some tubing; add a small pump and wa-la…a catfish pond. Looking forward to some homegrown catfish this summer! Oughta be great w/homegrown tomatos.

Fun stuff today!

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